How it Works

The DR/DA plans work much like reimbursement for employee expense accounts. In fact, understanding the plan is as easy as A-B-C.

  1. Employee and/or covered dependents receive treatment from a dentist of their choice.
  2. The employee pays the dentist’s bill and submits a copy of the bill to us. We reimburse the employee OR the employee assigns benefits to the dentist and we pay the dentist direct with an advice copy to the employee.
  3. The employee or the dentist is reimbursed according to the plan design that you choose to meet your company’s needs.

There are no monthly insurance premiums – so you pay only when your employees actually visit the dentist. As much as 90-95% of your benefit dollars goes to actual dental care. There are no complex claim procedures or forms to complete. And, employees are free to choose any dentist they like, including their current one.