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DR/DA Helps Eliminate Potential “Employee Surprise” Element
With reimbursement under indemnity and PPO plans based on UCR standards and treatment limits, patients can be unpleasantly surprised with their share of the bill.  With DR/DA, employees can know their share in advance.  Without these surprises, DR/DA allows you to eliminate many of the misunderstandings and hassles associated with other types of plans.

Percentage of Dollars That Goes to Actual Dental Care
Based on a National Association of Dental Plans, 1996 Annual Survey:

  • Dental HMO:  73% goes to actual dental care
  • Dental PPO:   81% goes to actual dental care
  • Indemnity/Insured:  82% goes to actual dental care

American Dental Association states that 90-95% of Direct Reimbursement/Direct Assignment dollars goes to Actual Dental Care.  Note:  Some types of administration may cause wider variation in costs.